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System Requirements
Virtual Image software is written for Windows PCs.

e-Learning Credits
All Virtual Image software is registered with Curriculum Online and is available for purchase with e-learning credits. To place an order with e-learning credits, just indicate with your order that you intend to purchase the software with ELCs. For more information about e-learning credits visit

How long will it take to receive the software?
We always aim to respond to queries and orders as quickly as possible. Orders are usually fulfilled on the same working day or the following working day. Orders are despatched by Royal Mail first class post or by courier service.

Running the demos
The Virtual Image demo files are compressed as ‘zip’ files to reduce download times. To run a demo, click the ‘Download Demo’ button, then save the ‘.zip’ file to your hard disk. Open Windows Explorer and browse your hard disk to find the ‘.zip’ file. Unzip this file using a program such as Winzip. Then go to the folder into which you have unzipped the demo and double-click the Application or ‘.exe’ file in the folder. The demo program will then begin. For instance, if you download the Nubble! demo, the Application file will be called ‘nubble!.exe’. (Depending on your Windows Explorer settings, the .exe extension may be hidden, so this file might appear as just nubble!.)

If you have problems downloading or running a demo
If you are unable to download or run a demo of any of our software, just e-mail your postal address to us and we will supply you with a free copy of our latest demo CD-ROM.

A number of screensavers are offered for download from the Virtual Image website. To install one of the screensavers, save it to your hard disk, then open Windows Explorer and browse your hard disk to find the screensaver file. Then right-click the screensaver file. You will be offered the option to install the screensaver, select this option.
Screensavers are currently offered for download on the following pages: Home, Art and Mathematics, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Life, the Universe and Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic, POLYTOPIA, Primary Mathematics, Shape and Space, Stellated Polyhedra, Symbolic Sculpture, The Secret of the Universe, The Uniform Polyhedra.

Virtual Image software will run without any problems on all school networks including Research Machines networks. All Virtual Image CD-ROMs include industry standard InstallShield setup programs. To install the software onto a network run the setup program on the CD-ROM.

Purchasing Online
At the moment online purchasing is not available on the new website. However, we would be happy to accept your credit card orders by telephone on the following number:
(+44) (0)161 480 1915.

We offer upgrades to the latest version of all our CD-ROMs at a 50% discount on the full price of the software.

Software Glitches
We are very keen to ensure that the quality of our software is as high as it possibly can be. Very occasionally glitches come to light after the release of a piece of software. If you come across a glitch on any of our CD-ROMs, please let us now so that we can correct it as quickly as possible. We will send you a new updated copy of the CD-ROM as soon as the software has been amended.

Installing Virtual Image software on Windows Vista PCs
By clicking the above link, you can download a pdf file written by one of our technical experts John Eastwood that will provide guidance for installing our software on Windows Vista PCs.

Running Virtual Image software on Windows 7 PCs
It doesn’t appear to be possible to run 16-bit software under Windows 7. Virtual Image titles published prior to 2002 were written as 16-bit applications. However, there are now 32-bit versions of some of these titles. For upgrades to the latest version, we offer a 50% discount on the full price. Click here for a listing of our 16-bit and 32-bit applications.
For Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft offer a free download of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode. This should enable 16-bit software to run on a Windows 7 PC.

If you cannot find an answer to your query on this page
We are keen to maximize everyone’s experience of Virtual Image software, so if you have a query or problem that isn’t covered above, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at the e-mail address below. We will endeavour to resolve any issues that you may have as quickly as possible. If we feel that the same issues may apply to other people, we will add further information to this page.



05 November 2020