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Art and Mathematics

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Please note that Art and Mathematics is written in 16-bit software. In order to run this software under Windows 7, Microsoft Virtual PC is required.

Art and Mathematics software Art and Mathematics software

In nine sections, the best-selling Art and Mathematics CD-ROM contains a wealth of material:

256 animations
150 illustrations
50 screens of text

numerous interactive programs

Art and Mathematics software Art and Mathematics software
Art and Mathematics software
Art and Mathematics software Art and Mathematics software

Spiritual Geometry
Magic Squares
Knots and Links
Regular Polyhedra
The Divine Proportion
New Geometries
Fractal Geometry

Art and Mathematics software Art and Mathematics software
Art and Mathematics software


“Anyone who has seen one of Virtual Image's products will be expecting not only a high standard of graphic images, but a wealth of relevant and accurate information as well. The original Art and Mathematics did not disappoint, and the 2nd edition is even better. Originally promoted as offering '... a thought-provoking look at the influence of mathematics on the visual arts', the new version expands on this, providing even more information about the maths/art interface, from the invention of single point perspective during the Renaissance to fractals and beyond. First impressions are of a very professional package, with stunning graphics, and as one delves into the contents, the impression is reinforced as the visual feast of ray-traced animated illustrations repeatedly astound and delight the viewer. It is truly a Cornucopia of the fruits of state-of-the-art computer graphics. And value there certainly is - while the disc should certainly be in the School's library (or perhaps two copies - one in each of the maths and art sections?) it also represents exceedingly good value for home use.”
                                    John Bradshaw - Mathematics in School

“I have personally been a huge fan of Virtual Image products for a long time because they stand out for two distinct reasons:
1) The sheer quality of the production; those beautifully-rendered images are simply magnificent.
2) The appreciation of Mathematics for its own sake, not just with an eye on the next exam. This is precisely what "enrichment" is all about.
They are motivating for all abilities (Reason (1) above), and provide extension for the gifted and talented (Reason (2) above).
We have purchased extended site licences as much as possible. At a recent Parents' Consultation meeting this week it was felt that this was precisely what the parents wanted to support their children at home. What students themselves want is a limitless resource for exploring Mathematics at home and capturing that sense of wonder and amazement which drives all the teachers here!
I am particularly happy to recommend your Art and Mathematics CD-ROM. This must surely be your Gold Standard, and as such should have a place in every school.
Congratulations to all the production team, and best wishes for your continued success.”

Stephen D. T. Froggatt, Head of Mathematics, Oaks Park High School

Oaks Park Maths Department was recently judged to be “Outstanding in every respect” by Ofsted. Their ICT work has led to an Ofsted request to feature it in their recommendations to schools.

Click here to download a review from The Washington Times

      Art and Mathematics is priced:
      single user licence - 20 + VAT
      2-29 user licence - 40 + VAT
      30-59 user licence - 60 + VAT
      unlimited user site licence - 80 + VAT
      extended site licence - 100 + VAT

      (The extended licence includes home use by teachers and pupils.)

      Buy Art and Mathematics with a single home user licence NOW
      for just 20 + VAT
      (Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button.)




05 November 2020