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In 1995, I designed and created the first edition of the Art and Mathematics CD-ROM. A second edition followed in 1998. The CD-ROM has sold thousands of copies and remains one of the most popular titles published by my company Virtual Image.
The success of Art and Mathematics led to my involvement in a number of other projects exploring the links between maths, science and the Arts. Symbolic Sculpture is a collection of elegant animations that I designed with the sculptor John Robinson. For the Connections in Space project I joined forces with John Barrow, Martin Kemp and Richard Bright to develop an innovative CD-ROM and website that contain a huge range of material about art and science. In 2008, I was invited to become the UK director of SCIENAR. The recently completed online version of the SCIENAR DVD-ROM that I produced for the project is available at the link below.

Art and Mathematics by Nicholas Mee

Art and Mathematics

Symbolic Sculpture by Nicholas Mee and John Robinson

Symbolic Sculpture

Connections in Space by Nicholas Mee, John Barrow, Martin Kemp and Richard Bright

Connections in Space

SCIENAR software

In the year 2002, Arthur C. Clarke asked me to write an article about a reference to an interesting property of prime numbers in his 1956 novel The City and the Stars. The result was a piece called A Whirlpool of Numbers, which was published in Plus! magazine in May 2003.

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