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Fractions has been designed by software expert teachers David Benjamin and Justin Dodd with the same philosophy as Mental Arithmetic. It is intended to enable pupils to practice answering unlimited numbers of randomly generated problems without embarrassment and with instant feedback from the computer.

Fractions Software Fractions Software Fractions Software Fractions Software

The fourteen sections of Fractions cover the whole of this part of the curriculum. There are numerous levels for each topic and options to set the time allowed to answer each question.

Lowest Common Multiples
Highest Common Factor
Equivalent Fractions
Cancelling Fractions
Mixed Numbers
Improper Fractions
Decimal Fractions

National Curriculum KS2 & 3

Addition and Subtraction
Mixed Numbers: Addition
Mixed Numbers: Subtraction
Mixed Numbers: Multiplication
Mixed Numbers: Division

Scottish Curriculum Levels B - D

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      Fractions is priced:
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      Buy Fractions with a single home user licence NOW
      for just 25 + VAT
      (Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button.)




05 November 2020