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Trigonometry maths software

Algebra enables pupils to hone their maths skills with endless practice. The software offers guidance with on-screen help. The program then enables pupils to work step-by-step towards the correct answer. This program, written by teachers David Benjamin and Justin Dodd, is far and away the best available for developing algebra skills.

Algebra Software Algebra Software Algebra Software Algebra Software

The sixteen sections of Algebra cover all the algebra on the curriculum. 

Key Skills
Removing Brackets

Linear Functions
One Stage Equations
Two Stage Equations
Equations with x on one side
Equations with x on both sides

Simultaneous Equations

National Curriculum KS3 & 4

Quadratic Functions
Solutions by Factorisation
The Quadratic Formula
Completing the Square

Linear Inequalities
Quadratic Inequalities

Function Transformations

Scottish Curriculum
Levels D - Standard Grade

“I love the Algebra CD-ROM!”

Vicki Palmer - Maths Teacher, Alderbrook Leading Edge School & Arts College, Solihull

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      Algebra is priced:
      single user licence - 75 + VAT
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      Buy Algebra with a single home user licence NOW
      for just 25 + VAT
      (Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button.)




05 November 2020