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The Code Book

The secret history of codes and code breaking

“It’s a fascinating CD-ROM and I can see how one could get obsessed with the subject!”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke

About 35,000 copies of the CD-ROM have been distributed world-wide.
The Code Book on CD-ROM is also used as part of the Enigma Project, which is run by the Millennium Mathematics Project based at Cambridge University.

The Code Book by Simon Singh
The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee
The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee

The Code Book on CD-ROM is an interactive version of Simon Singh’s best-selling book The Code Book. It is the product of a collaboration between Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee. The CD-ROM includes a wealth of material including video clips from Simon Singh’s channel 4 television series The Science of Secrecy plus other clips filmed specifically for the CD-ROM. Text from the book is presented in easily digested chunks that are illustrated with video clips, computer generated animations and interactive tools and demonstrations. The interactive tools enable messages to be encrypted using all the ciphers discussed in the book.

Most impressive of all is the full Enigma Machine emulator. Other tools assist with the cracking of encrypted messages using techniques such as frequency analysis. There are also numerous puzzles and encrypted messages to be cracked. The CD-ROM presents a fascinating subject in a very hands-on format, so that anyone can try out the encryption and cracking methods described in the text, but with the computer doing any tedious analysis that might be necessary. The CD-ROM makes full use of the potential of multimedia to communicate technical ideas.

The contents list of the CD-ROM

Welcome Page
Introduction Page
The Code Book
Book Reviews
Simon Singh
Teachers Section
Junior Codebreakers
Code Competition
Crypto Corner and Links
How to obtain further CD-ROMs
Made by Virtual Image
Bletchley Park
Feedback and Newsletter
Main Menu

The Birth of Cryptography (2000 BC to 1600 AD)
The Railfence Cipher
Latin Square
Caesar Shift Cipher
How to make a Caesar Wheel
Kama-Sutra Cipher
Pigpen Cipher
Pigpen Gravestone
Atbash Cipher
Affine Cipher
Affine Cipher Tool
General Monoalphabetic Cipher
Cracking the Substitution Cipher
Invention in Baghdad
How Frequency Analysis Works
Finer Points
Frequency Analysis Tool
Frequency Analysis Puzzle

The Birth of Cryptography (2000 BC to 1600 AD)

Key Secrets
Number of Keys for Various Ciphers
Kerckhoffs' Principle
The Tragedy of Mary Queen of Scots
The Babington Plot
Cracking the Babington Cipher
The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

The Uncrackable Code
(1600 - 1900)

Vigenère Cipher
Swapping Cipher Alphabets
The Vigenère Square
How Vigenère Works
The Vigenère Tool
Why is Vigenère so strong?
Alternative Ciphers
Digraph Substitution
Oldest Digraph Cipher
Playfair Cipher
Homophonic Ciphers
Book Ciphers
The Beale Ciphers
Encryption for the Masses
Morse Code
Dancing Men Cipher
Agony Columns
Pinprick Cipher
Cracking the Vigenère Cipher
Charles Babbage
Babbage's Computers
Babbage the Codebreaker
The Cracking Principle
A Cracking Example
Vigenère Cracking Tool
Forgotten Genius

Mechanisation of Secrecy
(1900 - 1945)

World War I
The Zimmermann Telegram
Cracking Zimmermann
The Weakness of Codes
Building Enigma
Meet the Machine
Basic Principle
Three Rotor Machine
Complete Overview of Enigma
Using the Enigma
Who Used Enigma?
What is the Key?
How Many Keys?
Agreeing a Key
Enigma Emulator
Enigma Emulator Info
How to Select a Key
Cracking the Enigma
Polish Codebreakers
Bletchley Park
Turing's Bombe
Bombe Demo
Flaws in the Enigma
By Hook or by Crook
Enigma's Impact on World War II
Secret Success
Other World War II Ciphers

The Age of the Internet
(1945 - 2000)

Computer Cryptography
Data Encryption Standard
How DES Works
Other Modern Ciphers
Key Distribution Problem
Alice, Bob and Eve
God Rewards Fools
Apparent Solution
Padlocks commute, but ...
Public Key Cryptography
Asymmetric Cipher
Alice and Bob Explain
Mathematical Padlock
Rivest, Shamir and Adelman
Modular Arithmetic
A One-way Function
Broad Argument
RSA Algorithm
How do you calculate d?
RSA Encryption Tool
Prime Number Questions
Eratosthenes Sieve
RSA in Practice
Is RSA Secure?
Not Just Secrets
The Secret History
James Ellis and Clifford Cocks
Malcolm Williamson
25 Year Secret

Future of Cryptography
(2000 - 2100)

Politics of Encryption
Pro Encryption
Anti Encryption
Modern Steganography
Quantum Cryptography
One Time Pad
Polarisation of Light
Quantum Crypto Protocol
The End?

The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee
The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee The Code Book on CD-ROM by Simon Singh and Nicholas Mee

Some problems have been reported when running The Code Book on CD-ROM with the Windows Vista operating system. Click here to download the latest version of the executable file “codebook.exe”. If you have installed the software onto your hard disk, you can copy the new file over the previous version.

The Code Book on CD-ROM is available from Virtual Image at the following link: Code Book on CD-ROM

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