The purpose of the SCIENAR Project is to stimulate and develop links between Science and Art.

SCIENAR has been constructed around three emblematic scenarios where Science and Art intersect. These scenarios are:

The Birth of Mathematics in Antiquity: Arithmetic and Geometry

The Development of Maths from the Renaissance to 1900: Perspective and Symmetry

The Mathematics of the 20th Century: Curvature, Motion, Relativity and Chaos

Each scenario has been assigned to a different historical age and these three ages each have a menu page on this SCIENAR DVD. The three ages are: Antiquity, Renaissance and Modern Times.

This software was designed and constructed by Nicholas Mee and John Eastwood.

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Thank you to everyone who has provided examples of their work for this DVD.

This project has been funded with support from the Culture Programme of the European Union

SCIENAR - Scientific Scenarios and Art - is an EACEA-CULTURE project

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