The Golden Number and the Arts
Powerpoint Presentation
by Gheorghe Samoilă


The Pentagon by Liviu Stoicoviciu

“Liviu Stoicoviciu’s progressive structures are in continuous evolution. Pictorially visualized in their even more complex articulations, they make up a genuine relational model of the Universe, one of many possible ones. Stoicoviciu is a well-informed constructor and a “homo faber”, endowed with an obsessive minuteness, who starts from simple geometrical figures, takes them apart and amplifies them. By magnifying them, he gradually unveils the inexorable laws of their growth and concatenation, both on a plane and by creating the illusion of solids, with the help of primary colors” Gheorghe Vida (Art Critic)

This material formed part of the SCIENAR exhibition organized by Gheorghe Samoilă and Dragoş Gheorghiu and hosted by ITC and UNA in Bucharest in May-June 2010.

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