Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Rick Doble

Marcella Giulia Lorenzi

The word “Photography” comes from two Greek words, Photos (light) and Graphos (writing, painting), so “drawing with light”. Taking pictures requires a physical device, constructed with regard to the laws of physics (Electromagnetism – Visible Light), human physiology and a particular process in Space and Time. According to Einstein underlying the basic structure of our world is the fabric of SpaceTime. All objects exist within a spacetime continuum, a world of four dimensions: height, width, depth and time. A generative process can be referred to as “setting in motion”, so motion is the essence of Life. To be alive is to move. Selecting particular initial conditions, adding a fourth dimension and photographing motion by means of randomised generative processes can give rise to very expressionistic results, some of which are really abstract ‘paintings’.

At the same time, examining the aims and ideas of Futurist imagery, we notice that today’s digital photography and in particular “Painting with light” techniques can achieve many of the goals of the Futurist artists, in particular the Futurists’ concept of velocity and their attempts to capture a sense of movement in painting, sculpture and photography, depicting a world that is always in motion.

Painting with Light - Marcella Lorenzi Powerpoint Presentation

Painting with Light - Rick Doble Powerpoint Presentation

This material formed part of the SCIENAR exhibition organized by Gheorghe Samoilă and Dragoş Gheorghiu and hosted by ITC and UNA in Bucharest in May-June 2010.

To watch a video that includes Marcella Lorenzi discussing Painting with Light, click here.

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